5 Secrets To Hosting A Super Successful Event!

There’s no doubt that events are great fun. So, what makes an event ‘fun’? Well, no matter what the setting of the event is- an event should be two things: meaningful & memorable. The outcome of the conducted event needs to achieve the objective it was meant to achieve in the first place. Pretty simple to decipher and nod to, right?

And what happens if an event doesn’t tick the above mentioned pointers? Well, it’s a downright disaster and a sureshot nightmare. People will still remember the experience that you provided for long and your brand/organisation’s reputation will be the highlight of every conversation. So, the question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to be remembered for the wrong reasons or not! If like us, you’re looking to create ‘eventful’ experiences of the right & meaningful kind, read on to find out how you too can master the art of organising the best kind of events. 

For utter ease and simplicity, we’ve broken down everything on event management into 5 (really, really simple) Cs that you can keep in mind when planning ANY event. How great is that, right?

  1. Conceptualisation – This is the WHY of the event. Understanding the objective and need for the event with the emotional ‘why’ of it is the first step to planning any event. Does the event need to celebrate the success of an organisation or to raise funds or so? This needs to be understood very carefully. Follow this up by understanding WHO is the target audience, WHERE is the event meant to be conducted and WHEN is the event meant to take place. Answering these simple but crucial questions, will give you a clear idea of what’s your role & how you need to go about it.
  2. Content – This is the show flow, the BIG agenda that will guide the whole course of the event. The more detailed and charted out it is, the better it will be. Understanding the timeline, schedule and the activities that you have to get going in order to make your event a hit is extremely important. So, outlining the event down to the details such as sessions, speakers, audio & video cues, any props, lighting etc. will help you create an unfiltered vision of the event. 
  3. Creatives – This is the overall collateral that you need to conceptualise & create for the event. These could range from flyers, posters, presentations to any advertising material required to increase the success of the event. 
  4. Checklist – Starting out from the objective of the event leading back to it, coming a full circle – is what your checklist should aim to be. Your checklist should be full-proof and must include details of lighting, budget, costing, list of speakers, list of equipment required etc. The more detailed and thought out your checklist the better it will be when you’re reworking on it. The idea is to use the checklist as a to-do list for planning everything you want done for the event. 
  5. Coordination – This is the last step that’s required to ensure that all the planning and phasing that has been done finally comes together to produce a stellar event experience. Ultimately, your planning will only be a big hit if it is executed flawlessly. So, ensuring coordination pre, during & post event is supremely important. 

And now with the 5Cs get ready to see the magic unfold! 

Stay tuned because we will be back with yet another exciting & valuable piece of content from the wonderful world of events just for you.

See you next week!

By Dreamcraft Events and Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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