This Is YOUR Ultimate Corporate Event Planning Checklist!

When it comes to planning corporate events there’s too much at stake for an event planner. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for long or you’re just starting out. Getting a corporate event right is no easy feat, we understand. There are way too many moving parts when it comes to planning a corporate event.

Right from planning the event to coordinating between the company (client) to the vendors and a host of others in between – it can be overwhelming! However, we at DreamCraft Events have organized a dozen of such events. So, we’re here with what expert-approved checklist so you don’t have to break a sweat before your next corporate gig!

With this ultimate checklist for all you last-minute planners, we’re sure that you will be completely set to win over your corporate client. THIS is the only checklist you’ll need, so keep this one handy!

Define Your + the Client’s Goals & Objectives :

What’s the scope of work? Understand the client’s expectations and know your limitations if you’re riding solo. Underpromise & overdeliver.


Once you understand the expectations and the scope of work start putting together the list of activities and the estimates for each item. You could borrow similar figures from any past events you may have conducted as a baseline or make educated guesses. 

Choose Location, Venue:

Which geographic area is best suited for the event? Does your client have any preference? Does the venue have the necessary infrastructure required to meet the purpose of the event? Have such detailed discussions with the client so you are able to match their expectations at every stage of the event planning. 

Create an Event Master Plan:

Penning down every little detail will ensure you don’t miss out on anything. Consider this a checklist within the checklist. This can have smaller details such as F&B, a list of speakers along with their fees, equipment, etc.

Audience Engagement:

How are you proposing to engage the audience before the event? Do you need to organize an emcee? Is there an icebreaker? Are you celebrating anyone in particular for their services? Will there be workshops or exposition booths? Depending upon the nature of the event and the need of the client, you will be required to come up with ideas so you have a cracking event!

Stay tuned to our next week’s blog where we’ll go further into details about the planning a checklist if you have 12 months and a WHOLE lot of activities to accomplish! Until then, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

By Dreamcraft Events and Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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