Biggest Challenges Faced By The Event Industry

The event industry has no doubt come a very long way over the last decade. With the advancement in communication, technology, and even budgets to a certain extent, the industry has certainly evolved to a great extent. As we’ve all evolved in our experience & exposure, so have our challenges. Wondering what the top challenges that are faced by our industry are? Here’s a list to give you a glimpse of our most persistent challenges that we’re dealing with in 2019 –

  • Reduced Event Budgets:

Yes, believe it or not even in 2019, this is a HUGE challenge for us. Working with small budgets to craft big scale events and constantly pushing through this considerably huge challenge is challenging. And it’s not just us- this pops us as a challenge for all event planners all the time.

  • The Cost VS Quality Mindset

Here’s another battle that even industry stalwarts are plagued with. Most clients usually want the BEST quality at the LOWEST prices. But this isn’t a local kirana shop, is it? Here, we’re talking decor, staging, lights, emcee and crafting the whole experience. Creating a world-class event from concept to execution on a shoestring budget is next to impossible. And it’s a truth we’ve been trying to tell for far too long, isn’t it? 

  • Staying Ahead

The event industry runs on innovation across the board. And we’ve got to keep up with the latest happenings, events, experiences, technology, sound system, decor – everything. There are two parts to this, one, that’s about keeping up with what’s happening in the industry and the second is to strategize effectively so one can stay ahead of the game! 

  • Copycat

The event space in India is growing at an exponential rate and there’s always a chance of your work being claimed as their own even without your knowledge. Does it ACTUALLY happen? You’ll be surprised by how often it does! 

  • Safety & Precautions

Growing security threats, political instability and the dynamic nature of events (and people) only means the safety measures that the event industry needs to be equipped with is at an all time high. Constantly being alert, attentive and prepared with precautions ranging from environmental, medical to political is a challenge faced by our industry.

Like all challenges, these too, teach us to be persistent in delivering the finest experience possible when planning & executing an event. 

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